Acrobatics is the Answer.

Who cares what the question is?

A full week of training

with the best available teachers, three meals a day and sleeping inside(bring your own gear), more than 40 workshops. In a modern gym with enough good mats.

This is Not just for experienced acrobats

or just for acro-yogi's. This is for everyone from everywhere! We'll see to it that workshops are offered on all levels. We might even throw in some extra's like; Tissue, Juggling or Poledancing. We'll keep you updated.

A well approved venue

This same gym has been used before for the IAC, the NewYears Acro and Fons(!) 70th birthday party. So it's a well approved venue. It is situated in a very beautifull environment. Hiking, cycling, swimming or other leisure activities are recommended if you stay longer or arrive early.

The A.C.R.O. Convention


Acrobatic Creative Resources Organisation

My name is Hugo Hanssen and I have been an acro practitioner and teacher for the last 20 years.
I've been and I am involved in organising loads of festivals, like; the dutch acro convention(NAF), the IAC, and some local things.
Since last years IAC was so much fun I decided to give it another go;
Thank you all, let's do it again this year!

The IAC is travelling to Croatia this year, the 10th year of trying to get acrobatics of the ground in unchartered acro-areas, you are all invited 24th june to 1 juli 2017, just three weeks before this one, go see:
So I had to come up with another name for this one, and
Inheritly the same convention but still a little different,
Undoubtedly you will see.

The Venue

It all takes place at:
Kulturhus Beek
Roerdompstraat 6
6573 BH Beek-Ubbergen - the Netherlands

The idea of Kulturhus comes from Denmark. It concerns so-called multifunctional facilities which various organizations, both professional and volunteer organizations of the village or neighborhood that work together within a building. From the idea that multiple users can reinforce each other's activities. It's a multifunction mid-center point in the municipality of Beek-Ubbergen. Different Users are: professional organizations, such as child care, disabled care, library and housing association together with voluntary organizations, the beating heart of the building. It is a place where young and old can go for information and advice, culture and education, sport and exercise, meeting and relaxation.
Sounds a lot like acrobatics heh? Well they have a gym in the middle of the building, here we go!

So like I said, we have a gym for up to 80 people, a seperate shared sleeping room (actually the dance room, with mirrors). And the use of all facilities like dressing rooms, showers, toilets.
We cook our own meals to be served in the aula. We serve vegetarian(not vegan). All demands or needs can be discussed with the cook, but for special diets or allergies you may have to buy or bring your own

The Teachers/Workshopleaders this year:

  • Hugo Hanssen (Me)
  • Noël Spauwen
  • More to come

Early Bird Prices

Days Description Price in €
Whole Week Seven days and seven nights, food and sleepingplace included. 350,-
One Day From noon 'till noon, food and one night included. 60,-
Children under 16 Under adult supervision, food and sleepingplace included. - 15% 300,-
Volunteers Contact me for discount on helping me out. - 10%
Only staying at home is cheaper.